W Hotel Bogota. The One Letter on Everyone’s Lips

Posted: 16 Oct, 2015


W hotel_ BLOG

When the W erupted onto the Bogota hotelsphere, it was like a well-travelled stylist arrived into town, ready to teach Bogota it could be just as great, if not better, than the other bigger and bossier capitals of the world.

Six months after its opening I arrive, alongside a bunch of DJ’s from the Baum festival also staying the weekend. They are all symmetrical haircuts and hemp shoes, so clearly W’s Project Cool Bogota is working its magic.

That’s not to say that it’s all style and no substance.

Bogota’s majestic Legend of El Dorado is engraved in the golden squishy leather bar stools and gold features dotted around the hotel. The graffiti backdrop in the lounge is a shout out to the booming street art scene . The dark corridors are not a sloppy consequence of low watt bulbs, but a subtle reference to Colombian gold mines.

W hotel room

I walk into my room and am greeted by a personalised welcome card (they even spelt my name right), and I have to say I am mightily impressed. This bad girl bolthole clearly hasn’t forgot her manners. My ‘Wonderful’ room lives up to its name with lots of loud block colours and flashy furnishings so Scandanvian in their functionality that it takes me half an hour to work out how to switch on the lamps.

I have a sudden urge to be one of the W Insider girls I’m watching on the plasma screen TV ( of course they have their own TV channel), with bleach blond bed hair and a Marlboro ciggie hanging out of mouth. I would have sauntered to the bar for a nightcap, or to the trendy W lounge had my bed not been so darn blissful.

Had I wanted a tipple delivered, or my bath to be filled with chocolate milk I could have called used their Whatever/Whenever service, where for a discreet fee you can play god and have the whole W world be servants to your wants and needs.

breakfast_ W hotel

Their Market Kitchen restaurant, in similar vein, picks at your greed gene with the insistence of a nagging mother. Even toothpick-thin models would struggle not to get second helping of the marvellous buffet breakfast, a catwalk of Colombia’s fresh and voluptuous produce mixed with naughty breakfast beasts like hash browns and ketchup.

Dinner is a posher affair, but still by no means on the skinny side. I gorge on truffle pizza, juicy octopus and lemon chicken.

I get two desserts. I order that second cocktail.

There is a 24 hour gym I was far too intimidated/hungover to use, but could imagine honed and toned model types slamming the machines in the same way I do a free bar. I was far more drawn to the Away spa, a split level retreat humming with whispery voices and Loto Del Sur scents.

I’m not normally one for grooming but I was hypnotized by their unique cocktail mixtures of oils and tucked into a Gold Refueling Body Ritual, which consisted of being oiled, massaged and slathered in a luscious gold paste for two hours. Opulence at its very best people.

Checking out, I feel Alice leaving her wonderland. Outside is all jagged mountains shrouded in ominous clouds, but as I turn back I see the sun peeking behind the hotel, leaving flecks of gold on its sharp grey exterior. Even from the streets on a rainy Friday, the W Bogota lives the legend.

Address: Avenida Carrera No. 9 #115-30
Reservations: (01)(800) 011 0239
Website: http://whotels.ht/1zceNJh

Written by: Clementyne Chambers
Photography by:
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