The 5 Colonial Cribs You’ll Never Want To Leave

Posted: 10 Nov, 2015

A city that rivals the photoshop qualities of Ryan Gosling’s body doesn’t have to try hard to make us want to stay forever.

We could just about deal with saying adios to the quaint cobbled streets.

We tore ourselves away from the dreamy Rosario Islands and thirst-quenching Coco Locos.

But the thought of sleeping in a bed without a view looking over the Caribbean sea? Now that one was just one step too far.

Here’s our hand-picked selection of majestic villas so sexy, you’ll want to set up your own republic in them.


 1. Casa Pombo

casa pombo

Yes, that’s a bridge over delightful waters that you see, and yes we did try jumping from the sun lounger to the wooden catwalk. You see, Casa Pombo draws out the child in you (even in our ripe old age) because it is literally a 3D version of all those princess-in-a-palace Disney films we watched when we were tots. One thing’s for sure,  If you were a Sleeping Beauty in this joint, you sure as hell wouldn’t want to wake up.

2. Casa de los Sueños

casa de los suenos_big

This place must have known it was top dog when it called itself Casa de los Sueños (House of Dreams). It does what it says on the oh-so-perfect-tin, except that this tin is a whopping 5 bedroom mansion kitted out with furniture that costs more than your mortgage.  Colombia’s rich and famous flock here to seat their manicured bottoms on those fine sun beds, so this place might be stuck on your wish list for a long while yet. Still, no harm in dreaming.

3. Casa Botero

casa botero

Urgh, look at this sorry excuse of a villa, with all it’s palm trees, Juliette balconies and Ralf Lauren bedding. I can’t look at it. It’s hurting my poor eyes.


4. Casa Restrepo

casa restrepo

Casa Restrepo is a Nordic dream (without that terrible weather and smelly fish) that will inspire you to completely rethink your bedroom interior and chuck out everything that doesn’t serve a function. It will also make you feel bad for ever thinking that Scandinavian interior design starts and ends at Ikea.


5. Casa Conde

casa conde

This mansion just looks like it was made out of Caribbean sunshine. So much so that you practically need sunglasses just to glance at it. This is THE place to host A-list events in town and it takes around 0.5 seconds to see why.



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