How to Train Like an Olympian in Cartagena

Posted: 23 Aug, 2016

If there is anything that Rio 2016 taught us, it’s that most of us are utterly useless when it comes to possessing sporting ability. While we have no problem fuelling up on fritos, the ‘burning off’ part is a bit of a push. Admit it, you feel exhausted after watching the Closing Ceremony with a beer in hand. So the chances of you being the next Caterine Ibargüen is probably -10000, but who’s to say there is no gold medal for trying!

All those abs, taut legs and shiny skin have got us seriously inspired to change our sloppy,unfit ways and carve a newer, fitter and healthier future for ourselves.  We want you to join in – team spirit and all that- and prove #EatCleanTrainDirty is not just a hashtag, it’s a way of life.

The Olympics may be over, but our appetite for sport has just begun to get juicy.

Follow the TIC crowd as we show you the different ways you can sculpt your dream body – Caribbean style!

Zumba Dance in the Streets


Where:Plaza de La Trinidad
When: Most weekdays around 8pm
What: If you’ve been hibernating under a layer of fat since 1995 then you missed the latest ‘in’ sport trend, Zumba. A flavourful mix of Latino African dance aerobics that seriously challenges the notion that exercise is a chore. Get down with the backpacker crowd in Getsemani in the evenings, for a fun and free dance off in front of the locals.

Hunt for Food on the Beach


Where: Marbella beach
When: Serious fishermen start around 6AM
What: If we can’t make eating a sport, fishing for your food should definitely get some sweat-credit. Throw around a fishing line and think of it as a Caribbean Michelle Obama work out for defining your arms. You get to eat your prize afterwards.

Bomb around the Town


Where: Cartagena city centre and Bocagrande
When: Mornings and evenings are advised
What: Your two wheeled friend is not just a hipster accessory it your gateway to be gold on two wheels like Wiggins. Book a historic bike tour and we’ll add a city guide to pump you up with Cartagena’s colonial backstory while you feel the burn. You’ll leave town doing wheelies like this guy. Promise.

Run Tourist, RUN!


Where: By Bocagrande beach
When: Early morning/evenings
What: We’re not going to lie to you. Running in Cartagena is not always an enjoyable pastime. Indeed, walking can be hard enough during the lunchtime humid cloud that brings any ideas of a midday stroll to a halt. But you can brave it by the beach in the early morn or evening. And if Usain Bolt has never even run a mile in his life, you don’t need to feel too guilty at every corner for a breather.

Kick about with the Local Talent


Where: Getsemani ( and pretty much everywhere else)
When: Everyday
What: Colombia live, breath, dream and sleep football. You only need to see the packed plazas, bars and even supermarkets during the finals to see how serious are about their footie. So if you fancy getting your butt kicked by quick-fitted teens who will run circles around your ageing ankles head to Getsemani plaza on a Sunday afternoon. 

Go Bats is For Baseball


Where: Getsemani
When: Sundays
What: Cartagena’s most traditional sport has come back with force, after a brief hiatus due to the city mayor’s road developments. Flex those language muscles and ask local to let you join in a game. This is about as Cartagena as you can get!

Written by: Clementyne Chambers
Photography by:
Other credits: This is Cartagena
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