How to Make…Stuffed Plantain Baskets

Posted: 28 Mar, 2017

You only need to spend half a minute in Cartagena to realise that plantain is the ultimate food staple in the Caribbean.

Whether you fry it, bake it, or boil it, El Platano as it’s called in Spanish, is one of the most scrumptious elements to Cartagenero cuisuine.

Thanks to the culinary legends at Montesacro, who’ve shared one of their signature platano dishes with us, you can now enjoy this yummy veggie in your postcode!

Delicious and super easy to make, this flavourful dish is sure to add an exotic twist to your next dinner party.


Vegetable oil
Black pepper
Sour cream


  1. Cut off the two ends of the plantain with a knife and peel the skin of the plantain.
  2. Cut the plantain into portions.
  3. Heat a healthy glug of vegetable oil and lightly fry the plantain.
  4. Squash the plantains while hot into a circular disc shape and cut out basket shapes with a strong mould.
  5. Place the plantain pieces back in the pan and heat them again until they turn golden brown.
  6. While the plantain is frying, dice avocado, cheese, tomato and onion and put aside.
  7. When the plantains are cooked, soak up the oil with a kitchen towel and allow them to cool for a few minutes.
  8. Fill the baskets with the avocado, cheese, tomato and onion and serve.

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Written by: Clementyne Chambers
Photography by:
Other credits: Montesacro Restaurant
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