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Posted: 01 Apr, 2020

Life has been placed in a dark frame. With empty streets and paranoia the order of the day, finding an oasis in the middle of the media desert is becoming increasingly difficult.

For the past few weeks, we have been bombarded with alarming news. In the face of the COVID-19 emergency, the news has become increasingly murky and grey. WhatsApp videos, audios and channels have generated more fear and helped incite a kind of social schizophrenia and collective insanity.

Seen in perspective, we have been left naked. So much so that we have begun to question the current state of our world. With existential angst at its highest we’re all re-assessing everything from relationships with friends and family to the kind of content we consume in the news. Finally we’re hitting back at fake news for its demoralizing impact on our global frame of mind.

We’ve started to awaken from a bad dream, one in which we’ve become conditioned to all the bad news and buried all the unnecessary death under a hard layer of collective indifference.

Empty streets in Cartagena / Photo by: Rainbow Nelson

Good News Journalism, a Positive Trend Amid the Crisis

However, this toxic state produced by the daily routine of the media has begun to change.

Colombian-American journalist Michelle Figueroa has been a fundamental part of this change. Her career speaks for itself. Her works for CNN and the NY Post stand out, as well as collaborations with international networks such as Univisión, PBS, AJ+. This paisa (the name for the people from Medellín, Colombia) from the heart —as she defines herself— has created a social media movement known as the Good News Movement that’s a ray of light shining bright to lift some of the darkness.

A year ago amid deep reflection during a period of illness, the idea came to Michelle. She had always been more attracted to stories that show how good and laudable each human being can be. However, few websites were sharing these positive examples of humanity at its very best.

This is how the Boston-born journalist, faithful to her Colombian berraco (brave) spirit, decided to create a platform where people could find positive news and actions while consolidating a network that articulates those who need with those who are willing to give. 

“People spend an average of 4 hours a day on their cell phones and that is not used, so I decided to create a centralized space where people can feed on Good News” says the journalist.

Good News has now become a new benchmark for news around the world. Since its creation until today, her Instagram account has nearly reached nearly 1 million followers.

Michelle Figueroa on action

The Day the Dukes of Sussex rolled Discovered the Good News Movement

This year Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle decided to promote Instagram accounts that stand out for their positive impact on the world.

Michelle Figueroa’s Good News Movement became the first account selected and promoted by the dukes on their social network.

Since then, all the work done by Michelle Figueroa and her followers, who have an active role in the content shown on this page, has been catapulted and known as a communication alternative that shows us the good things that we are also made of.

Prince Harry and Princess Meghan Markle / Photo by:

Good News in the Days of COVID-19

During the health emergency that the world is going through, Michelle and her followers have not stopped showing real cases that invite us to believe amid adversity. Her followers have grown, just as her determination and passion grow every time someone else joins in doing something positive for others.

Believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel is the personal slogan with which the Good News Movement wants to infect everyone. 

“Now more than ever we cannot fall asleep,” she says. “People need us and they tell me daily, not to stop, to keep going. That makes me believe that what we do is important.” 

Videos and news continue to arrive daily, motivating this entire community to continue their work. The idea is to continue showing what many people are doing during the emergency and thus infect others with their altruistic spirit.

For Michelle, there are always good things that can be rescued even in the worst situations. According to her, the majority of human beings are programmed to support themselves in times of crisis. I think that after all this we are going to see that people have become more united, that the neighbours now know each other better and that we are much more good than bad, she says.

Throughout this process, cases such as bosses donating their salaries to employees, communities joining together to collect food and doctors who fight face to face with the pandemic, have been a constant theme.

Faced with this hopeful scenario, many have begun to understand that at the end of the day, life will always be made up of beautiful things and a couple of tragedies.

Light at the end of tunnel / Photo by: Rainbow Nelson

Written by: Emilio Cabarcas
Photography by: Rainbow Nelson
Other credits: Additional Photos by: Michelle Figueroa &
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