8 Things that Made Cartagena Great in 2015

Posted: 07 Jan, 2016


Before we allow ourselves to drown in the dregs of the dredded, but equally inevitable, January Blues, let’s perk up by having a quick flick through last year’s highlights.

Here is what made 2015 so special for This is Cartagena.

FiCCI Film Festival

Pirates_of_the_Caribbean (1)

The whole city went into A-list mode and for a week everyone felt like a movie star – or at least ran into one on the street. Outdoor cinemas, fabulous parties and lots of flashy out-of-town folk made this city even more crazy/beautiful than ever. Our photo series, The Stars of Cartagena, was definately up there as a personal highlight. Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Cartagena Mixology Contest


How could we not talk about the time when all of our favourite bars and genius bartenders got together –or rather, played against each other – in the biggest cocktail-off this country has ever seen. What’s more, we got to try nine cocktails in the name of ‘research.’  A boozy highlight if there ever was one. 

Cartagena Kite Festival

Cartagena_Kite_Festival_14it doesn’t posess the A-list rank-and-file of Ficci, nor the intellectual pull of the Hay Festival, but the yearly kite festival in Cartagena remains a top fave precisely because of that. Its no frills simplicity captivates us with down-to-earth charm that allows us to appreciate the little things in life. A local triumph!

November Fiestas

noviembre (1)Freedom sure as hell tastes sweet when you get a super long bank holiday weekend, street parties, beauty pageants and all round good times to celebrate liberation from the Spanish. 4th of July, eat your heart out!

Treasure Hunt


Arguably, the most random thing to have happened this year. While the Colombian peso sunk to an all time low, the nation was simultaneously feeling in da money, buoyed up by the discovery of the San Jose galleon, full to the gills with emeralds and gold, in November, just off the course of Baru Island.

Ahem, we are still waiting for our cut of the pie.

Miss Universe

Captura de pantalla 2015-12-28 a las 11.14.57 a.m.

The ultimate awkward AF moment that had us cringing for days afterwards. For exactly 4 minutes Colombia had nailed the world’s most important beauty pageant second year in a row. Before Steve Harvey majestically bricked it in front of millions of viewers. Was it a fix? The manipulative Señor Trump working his evil magic or just a simple mistake? We don’t give a hoot – it was TV gold!

Christmas Lights 

Christmas image

Even the biggest Christmas grinch couldn’t resist the glitzy sparkleness of Cartagena, as it became drenched in fairy lights, shooting stars and Christmas trees. Now that is what we call postcard perfection.


New_Year_Eve_Natalia_Perez (1)And just like that, 2015 fizzled away into another-year-gone-by. Cartagena flooded with parties and people from all over the world for one last hurrah under the stars.

We have only just recovered from our hangover. Oh, how some things never change.


Written by: Clementyne Chambers
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